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Marathon Runner Proposes During Brighton Marathon 2015 – Who Are They?

May 13, 2015

marathon runner proposes in Brighton Marathon 2015
Marathon Runner Proposes During Brighton Marathon 2015 Been meaning to sort through my photographs from the recent 2015 Brighton Marathon. I was there with a number of other Brighton Tri Club supporters, cheering on our very own amazing marathon runners. Whilst us hard-working, and dedicated, supporters were grafting away up on Hove Lawns, I happened to witness something really quite beautiful and maybe a...
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Bike Shop Logo Design for Sale: Roadbar Riders

May 11, 2015

Bike Shop Logo Design by The Logo Smith
Roadbar Riders - Bicycle Shop Logo Design for Sale This cycle shop logo for sale is based on a rather cute idea of some road bicycle 'dropped' handlebars forming the shape of a windy road. I couldn't decide between: RoadBar RIders and RodeBar Riders, as both conveyed the same notion of riding a bike on the road. The overall style and layout of this logo allows for 3 main logo lock-ups, which also should...
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Church Logo Design for Sale: Peoples Church of Everywhere

May 11, 2015

Peoples Church logo design - Church Logo Design for sale by The Logo Smith
Peoples Church of Everywhere - Church Logo Design for Sale This church logo for sale is based on a rather simple idea of circles representing both the 'cross' and 'people'. The top-half of the cross is surrounded by the 'people' (four circles), visually depicting the convergence of people far-and-wide coming together. The wording: Peoples Church of Everywhere, is for mock-up use only, so would need to be...
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Logo Design for Sale: AV or VA Logo

May 8, 2015

AV VA logomark for Sale designed by Graham Smith
Logo for Sale: AV or VA Logo Design This logo for sale is based on angled linear design, that spells out a number of letter variations (depending on which way you look at it). The primary orientation spells out the initials AV, but if you flip the logo horizontally you get the initials VA instead. AV Logo Design Details The cost for this logo is $500, and includes: alternative colour options, new wording,...
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