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The Logo Smith’s Logo Design Price List and Guide Sheet

August 12, 2014

The Logo Smith's Logo Design Price List
>> Download (updated 13th August 2014) The above link will download a ZIP archive of an: Adobe InDesign CC7 file (without embedded fonts), and a PDF (with embedded fonts). The Logo Smith's Logo Design Price List I don't quite know why I feel the urge to always share the little logo design templates and resources that I create for my own freelance logo design business, but I...
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The Helvetica Watch by Mondaine

July 21, 2014

The No. 1 Helvetica Black Face Watch by Mondaine
The Helvetica Watch by Mondaine There really isn't anything that is safe from being Helverticarised: we've had a whole variety of Helvetica themed goodies in the past, from the Helvetica Bike, Helvetica The Perfume: "The Scent of Nothing", the gorgeous Helvetica Moleskines, Helvetica Wine (designed by WildWildWeb), and a crap load of other Helvetica themed items. The latest item to be branded with...
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