Ongoing Logo Design Case Studies

Ongoing Logo Design Case Studies, a collection of: logo design sketches, napkin doodles, rough ideas & concepts; mock-ups of various logo and brand identity projects and diagrams (blueprints) showing the construction and development of various logo designs etc.

The following images show the unglamorous, and often unseen, side of the logo and brand identity design process, but also demonstrate that from ugliness and apparent carnage, beauty and iconic images can be born. 

The sort of images you might see in Ongoing Logo Case Studies might range from: photographs of logo sketches, unused logo concepts, Illustrator pasteboard junk, logo and brand identity mock-ups, and pretty much everything but the kitchen sink. Some of it may not be pretty, but that's sort of the idea.

All the following: logo design studies, logo ideas, concepts, sketches, etc,  are protected under Copyright © 2017 of UK Freelance Logo & Graphic Designer: The Logo Smith.