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Client: Excedr
Categories: Identity, Logomark

Excedr logomark design by Graham Smith

Excedr logomark design 2 by Graham SmithExcedr logomark design 1 by Graham Smith

Typeface Used: Avenir Next Bold, x-height exactly half the logomark.

Excedr logo design 1 by Graham Smith

Excedr type1 design by Graham Smith Excedr type design by Graham Smith

The Logo Versions

The four main logo lock-ups.

Excedr logo lock-ups Graham Smith

Logomark Briefly Explained

The logomark was developed using the shape of the 'X', as the foundation, split vertically in half with the right side pulled back over the left forming the lower-case 'e' with a hint of 'c', which are the 3 most prominent sounding letters.

Excedr logomark explained 1 by Graham Smith

Logo Construction

The guides (below) showing various intersections, as well as showing the strong influence of the letter 'x'.

Excedr design 1 by Graham Smith

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