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The Best Logo Design Client Testimonial Ever

I received this glowing client testimonial, for a logo design project, just the other day, and it frankly left my quite speechless.

The client in question? Hired me to design a new brand logo for his wedding photography business, so this guy knows a thing or two about 'composition'.


"I genuinely admire and am left inspired by your portfolio.

I have searched far and wide across the internet for logo designers and have browsed through countless websites which all become easily forgettable once you click on to the next one.

I only reached out to a very small handful of individuals and one of those included you.

Your work stands out and your attention to detail is insanely phenomenal. This really resonates with myself as someone who values this.

What strikes me most about your work is your composition.

I can see how you have gone to painstakingly great lengths to achieve a balance and finely poised composition in your work.

The average joe would probably never see this composition or balance - I guess this is perhaps an element of my photographic eye coming through.

If logo designers had world class competitions, you'd be THE winner!"


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