Logo Designs In Use

Showcasing: Logo Designs, and the Supporting Brand Identities, Used in the Real World.

This page showcases a varied selection of completed: Graphic Design, Logo & Brand Identity, Phone Application Icons and Typographic Design Projects, that demonstrate how the final logo, and supoprting brand identities, are being used in the 'Real World'.

This is only a small selection of Logo and Brand Identity Projects, but some of the clients and brands shown, include: Restaurants, Bike Shops, Technology Companies, Website Developers, Lawyers, iOS Applications, Recruitment Agencies, and so on.

Last Update: 18th September, 2016.

Project Scope: Logo & Business Card Design — Client: UpRaw.

Project Scope: Logo & Brand Identity Design — Client Website: Pure Storage.

Project Scope: Logo Redesign & 12 Page Brand Identity Guidelines — Client Website: Kerr Recruitment.

Project Scope: Logo & Application iPhone Icon Design — Client Website: Feedly.

Project Scope: Logo & Brand Identity, including aspects of Restaurant Interior, Design — Client Website: Black Vanilla.

Project Scope: Logo & Application Icon Design — Client Website: Sifter App.

Project Scope: Logo & Icon Design — Client Website: The Auto Network.

Project Scope: Logo Design — Client Website: Damien Hotellier.

Project Scope: Logo & Icon Design — Client Website: CodeStag.

Project Scope: Logo & Shop Sign Design — Client Website: Pedalworks.

Project Scope: Logo & Sign Design — Client Website: Skiplex.

Additional Logo Portfolio Pages

Monomarks – a collection of individual logomarks, icons & symbols from my logo design portfolio, displayed in glorious Techniblack.

Logos In Use – showcasing a varied selection of: graphic design, logo & brand identities that are being used in the 'real world'.

Case Studies – ongoing case studies, of: logo design projects, sketches & rough ideas, design concepts & progress thereof, and mock-ups etc.

Logos for Saleunused concepts from previous projects, or conceptual custom logo designs, created for the purpose of selling.