Kerr Recruitment   - Commercial Recruitment Agency

Project Scope: Logo & Brand Identity ReDesign.


I've been fortunate to be able to collaborate with  Positive Advertising, on this project for the redesign of the  Kerr Recruitment logo and brand identity.

The images detail some of the extensive mock-ups, and mood-boards, that I designed for Kerr Recruitment logo and brand identity redesign.

This was a project where only this one main logo idea was worked-up, and presented to the client, hence the need to provide the client a visual way to see the true potential of the design.


The mock-ups are based on Kerr's current applications of the logo and brand identity, additional requests by the client as part of the redesign, but also more ambitious exterior applications like the billboard, and the interior brushed metal sign.

Some of these following mock-ups allow the client to better visualise how the logo and the supporting identity materials could be used in various practical, and physical applications.

Kerr Recruitment   Logo Redesign: Before and After


The Design of the Kerr Recruitment Logo


Video: Kerr Multilingual - We speak your language


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